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Mr. "Vandal Lies My Heart" is our handsome male. He is a playful guy, with a pretty laid-back nature.  He is our constant companion and loves to travel, whether it's a quick drive to the local store or a beach vacation. His coat is so many different colors we have a hard time telling anyone what color he is, and it just keeps changing!  He is a very smart boy - sometimes too smart for his own good!  Vandal is very good-natured, fun and funny. He always has us laughing with his antics, and we love that his wonderful temperament can carry on in his pups!


“Honor - Love Your Enemies” is a Grand Champion boy that came to us after retiring from the show ring.  He has beautiful movement and structure along with a very quirky personality! We are enjoying getting to know this guy and are very excited to have him on board! We expect his puppies to be extra special just like he is!

Wild Child

Wild Child




"What's All The Ruckus About" is our newest male, with a gorgeous red nd white coat and a personality that is just as stunning!  He loves people and animals alike, and he is a happy-go-lucky wild and playful guy! He can run like the wind and never get tired too.


"Rebelle Lynn Forever" is the lovebug in this pack.  She's a bit of a shy girl who doesn't like to be the first to try something new - she prefers to sit back and observe, and she will almost always choose people over playtime.  Her happy place is sitting in her mama's lap.  She loves the ocean and enjoys water, which is unusual in our pack!  She can often be found splashing through the creek on our property, despite the many baths and brush-outs that follow as a result!




While "Rogue River Pirate" is one of the smaller in our pack, weighing in at just 10 pounds, her personality is anything but small!  She is feisty and fast, and she certainly considers herself the leader of all the females.  She loves to run, and her little size doesn't keep her from not only keeping up, but leading the pack!  She is an independent kind of girl who loves us humans (especially her dad, who is her favorite person), but is content with a quick check-in for love and pets, then is back to her play!  She will answer to Ro, Ro-Ro, and Pirate - the nickname the youngest grandchild in our family gave her because of the black hair over her left eye, which is where her name came from!


"Bless My Deviant Heart" is our newest little lady.  She is spunky and playful and at 2 years old still acts very much like a mischievous puppy.  This little girl weighs in at 9.5 pounds, the smallest of our pack. She is smart and funny and picks things up very quickly!  Devi is happiest running at top speed through the grass and leaves.  She brings a diverse pedigree with champion lines out of Poland. We are really excited to see what she will produce as a mama in 2022.


"Havan Addiction's What A Riot" was the next to join our family, and since that day she has tried to spend as much time on our laps as possible. She is a bit of a shy girl with new people, but is the most brave of the bunch when it comes to kinds of experiences that the others might be nervous about, like vet visits and grooming appointments. She loves to play with toys, and has earned herself the nickname "magpie" because she likes to collect and hide things in her bed (especially little rocks). She is the smallest in our fur family, weighing in at just 9 pounds. Her beautiful chocolate hair has lightened up a lot to a more smoky hue since she was a pup, and has remained the softest of our crew. She has proven to be a wonderful wonderful mama, who has beautiful puppies!




Contrary to her name, "Seized by Frenzy" is the sweetest and usually the most calm of our pack - until our evening walks, that is!  She loves to run like the wind, and we are always surprised at how fast those little legs can take her!  She weighs just about 14 pounds, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her!  She's just got a lot of muscle from all of that running!  The rest of the time, she loves to snuggle and be held.  Her favorite thing is to be picked up, so that she can climb up and snuggle her nose into her humans' necks.  After delivering her first litter of puppies with ease, she took to motherhood like a champ.  She is a wonderful mama!

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