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Members of the Havan Addiction Family


Leilu is 19 months now, 9.8 pounds and is in control of pretty much everything! She is so fun and smart and beautiful! A Poppy's girl for sure and I think it is because I have been the 'trainer' and David is more available to just sit down and cuddle--she knows he is the push over! She loves her walks at the park, camping in the 5th wheel, the snow, the yard and blueberry treats! She has a favorite perch on the back of the sofa and can view the neighborhood and all the dogs coming and going! She is such a nice girl and we love her so much! Thank you, Lisa!

Leilu's Mom 

Bend, Oregon


We are completely in love with our sweet boy! He is the smartest puppy. Thanks to Lisa and her dedication to starting him off with the knowledge of potty training, he has had zero pee accidents inside (and only one little tootsie roll accident)! He goes straight for his bells on the door, taps them and then goes straight for his alfalfa pellets! He even sleeps from 9:30 at night until 6:00 in the morning accident free, he saves it for those pellets outside! He has the best personality, thanks to his early socialization he is brave with all his new surroundings. He has never shown fear in new situations, he’s the opposite, he’s excited to explore all things! He rides in the car like a champion, and loves it too! He gives us the best snuggles and laughs with his little (large) personality. He is the sweetest boy, Lisa has truly given our family the best gift ever. I could thank her a million times and it would never be enough!  I can’t wait to see what he becomes, but “havanaddiction” is 100% true! He’s stolen all of our hearts and we are truly addicted to everything about him!

Trail's Mom

Beaverton, Oregon

Charlie & Mom

I don’t know where to begin telling everyone what an amazing breeder Lisa is! I have raised many dogs and never before experienced the connection she provided me from the moment Charlie was born. I had weekly updates and adorable photos; I felt I could call and ask as many questions as I wanted.  Lisa truly loves the Havanese and is so knowledgeable.  I was inquiring about winter potty training to sod that is in a large pan; Lisa tried it with this litter and Charlie is most happy to use that grass in his large pen or anywhere outside!  I had a small one in my car so he could go there before he had all of his shots, it made traveling so easy!  I also had a 7 hour trip home to Seattle and was worried about the car.  Lisa had the litter out for car rides to get them accustomed to it; Charlie is a Champ at being co-pilot in our daily outings!  I actually think he loves the car!  He was raised with children and immediately loved my grandchildren!  Charlie is smart, healthy and totally connected to me. I couldn’t ask for a better puppy!   Thank you Lisa for all that you do for your perfect puppies!

Charlie's Mom

Seattle, WA


Words can't describe how passionate Lisa is about her puppies.  When you can't find a local breeder, it can be very nerve-wracking when dealing with a breeder from out of state.  My daughter is allergic to dogs and has been wanting a small, hypoallergenic dog for about 2 years.  We have been putting it off because we already have a dog but my daughter is unable to pat or interact with her because she breaks out.  She spent weeks on the internet searching and searching.  She would show us pups from time to time but we were always able to come up with an excuse and put it off longer.  When she found Lisa's website and came across our now puppy Lola, we instantly fell in love!!  :)  We sent an email to get more information and got and email right back and we even spoke on the phone with Lisa which made me feel even more comfortable. Knowing I was dealing with a "real" person and I could tell by speaking with her, she was a very caring person. We live in Massachusetts and Lisa being in Oregon was a concern because Lisa would not ship a puppy in the cargo area of a plane.  I was bummed but also comforted because most breeders will ship out pups just to make a sale!  NOT LISA!!  After discussing what we could do to get this adorable little pup for our daughter, Lisa made a choice to fly with our new pup to Massachusetts and hand deliver her to us!!  Unbelievable!!  Have you ever heard of such a wonderful thing a breeder would do to care for a sweet little pup on her adventure to her new home? So we were also able to meet her in person which was very exciting.  Lola is such a fun, playful puppy and cute as a button.  She's not the least bit intimidated by our 60lb Boxer, that's 8 yrs old.  They play great together and she's keeping our Skylar young.  We have had Lola for about 10 months now and we stay in touch with Lisa because of the impact she has made on our family.  When we are ready to add another addition to our family, it will certainly be another Havanese from Havan Addiction!!

Lola's Mom

Boston, MA


There are so many breeders out there that it's so hard to know which one to trust. I just about gave up after weeks of searching, until I found I had researched and found guidelines from on what to look for in a reputable breeder and Lisa Newquist's website and policies met all the requirements. She is so easy to talk to and always available to answer any questions. She cares about her dogs. An added plus, is that she was organized and had documents and payment processes in place. I also wanted a local breeder in California and fortunately, she is within driving distance. She hand delivered our little puppy along with a blanket and her stuffed animal that had the scent of her siblings. She also has the dam and sire on site. We named our little girl, Bailey. She is so cute! Everywhere I take her, everyone wants to see and pet her. She is so perfect that people can't believe she's real.

Bailey's Mom

San Jose, California

Ruckus & Mom

Being that Lisa is a dear friend and a longtime coworker, as well as the breeder of the pups, I had a little more insight to the process. I knew that Ruckus and the other babies were getting the very best care from the moment of conception. Lisa made sure that both mom and dad were as healthy as 2 dogs could possibly be before they were allowed to be parents. Once she knew puppies were on the way Miss Mayhem received the best prenatal and postnatal care possible. Lisa, as well as the whole family, made sure that the pups were exposed to different sounds, smell, textures and handling to prepare them for their future homes. I knew they had seen the doctor and had their check-ups. When we were able to bring him home he adjusted so well and fit right in.

I am a huge believer in animal rescue. All of my pets are rescues except for Ruckus. That being said, I have truly fallen in love with the Havanese breed and don’t really see myself having a different breed for indoors. He has a people personality and at any moment I expect him to speak to me in an audible voice! He loves to play, is extremely intelligent and he loves to snuggle. He does have a bit of a stubborn streak but we have been able to work through it. He’s also a great watch dog with an amazing sense of hearing! The older I get, the more difficult it is for me to deal with shedding, which he does not do. A trip to the groomer every 6-8 weeks and a couple of baths in between and he smells great with the softest coat ever.

I could go on and on! We love our Ruckus and would love to have a play mate for him. Anyone thinking about becoming the parent of a Havanese couldn’t make a better choice and choosing Havan Addiction as the breeder is the best choice. These babies and their parents are so loved and cared for.

Ruckus' Mom

Caruthers, California


We are absolutely in love with our little guy.  He still loves his owl toy that you sent with him. He has such a wonderful personality!  Thank you!  He is perfect!

Brody's Mom

Juneau, Alaska


I have never been a dog person.  I guess that stems from being allergic to everything with fur.  My daughter has always wanted a dog, but there was no way I could get a furry pet.  When Lisa told me that Havanese dogs are hypoallergenic I was curious and cautiously excited.  We ended up getting a sweet little pup, Puddles, for my daughter for her birthday and the whole family has fallen in love with her.  Puddles is a sweet playful little girl who loves being around us and greets us enthusiastically each day when we get home from work and school.  Lisa had already gotten her used to the puppy pad, which helped immensely when it came to housebreaking her.  And guess what else?  I'm not allergic to her!

Puddles' Family

Santa Clarita, California

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